Membership & Renewal Application

Notice to all applicants: In order to be considered for membership, you must submit proof of current or former employment within the criminal justice system, fire service, a publicly employed EMS organization, or service within a branch of the United States military. This proof may be in the form of a copy of your academy certificate, credentials, or other similar document. Your signature indicates that the information provided above is true and correct and that you will adhere to the bylaws of the organization.

Membership dues of $40.00 must be paid with application. Dues are payable on the 1st of January every calendar year. Please make checks payable to: GOAL New England. Any applicant rejected, for any reason, will have the membership fee refunded. All membership information provided to GOAL New England is kept strictly confidential and is not sold, lent, or provided to any persons, organizations, companies, or entities.



Membership Application


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